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Mr. Om Thoke
Famous Content Writer

A serial entrepreneur, a passionate writer, automotive freak. Alongside a decade of experience in Digital/Web Marketing & Content Writing, Web Dev, and Managing Global Operations,

Mr. Om Thoke

Mr. Om Thoke

Mr. Om Thoke's Work Experience

Brand Ambassador at Dot Desi Domains

Dec 2016 - Present

To help in spreading the awareness about Dot Desi domains, connecting all the desi folks around the globe, I've been appointed as the Brand Ambassador to build community, and help bloggers and webmasters understand the value of dot desi domains, build their portfolio sites, and as a part of that effort, I'm also building a few .desi portals such as www.Bloggers.desi, www.bakchod.desi (Desi Bakchod - The indian viral site) etc.

Founder, Bloggers World

Nov 2016 - Present

I founder www.Bloggers.World to help all the aspiring bloggers, who often get misled by paid training provided by those, who are not even capable of generating $1M themselves, and claim to be 7-figure earners, and we've taken an oath NEVER to charge money to bloggers for any of our training and weekly meetups.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing

Industry Knowledge

  • Web Design / Development
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Strategy, Content Management

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